QUBE BEARINGS 8-BALL 627 - 7 mm (16-Pack)

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QUBE BEARINGS 8-BALL 627 - 7 mm (16-Pack)

This bearing contains 8 balls instead of the traditional 7 which has many

advantages. The additional ball allows the load to be spread out evenly over the entire

bearing instead of just one or 2 points.


The additional ball also gives the bearing greater

lateral load capabilities while turning, an important aspect of quad skating that many



Lateral load is the force created while turning; it’s the momentum that wants to

push you off the track. 


Using an 8-ball bearing will help distribute the load evenly over

the entire bearing, in essence making a stronger bearing laterally. Combined with a

deeper groove this gives you the ability to skate into turns harder with no worry of

bearing blow out.